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Henkel Employees in Action with the MIT Initiative

The tenth MIT photo competition showcases the best photos from the volunteering employees of Henkel ... read more


Henkel Finance Team in Australia and New Zealand’s ‘Back to Business’ ...

Over 12 months, the Henkel Finance team in Australia and New Zealand implemented a new ... read more

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From TWO perspectives

Read the success stories of our different role models

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ONE Henkel

many different people - equal opportunities


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The Business Case for Gender Diversity

08/21/2015 - Source:

[…Most people don’t change, or willingly go along with change, because the change is “the right thing to do.” They do it if there is an important reason to change. ... read more

Female Engineers Are Using the Hashtag #ILookLikeAnEngineer to Tear Down Gender ...

08/05/2015 - Source:

[…So the 22-year-old “self-taught engineer, extreme introvert, science-nerd” and “anime lover” wrote a blog post to highlight the issues women in tech face. She said that most people in the ... read more

Why Gender Diversity means better Outcomes for Investors

07/29/2015 - Source:

[…Mixed-gender teams often work well together because men and women think differently, something that should be embraced and that, in practice, should help practitioners build much stronger investment firms. Research ... read more

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Agnès Thee

Corporate Vice President Marketing France & International Marketing Skin Care

You can always find a good solution for your optimal work-life balance if you prepare it well in advance with people you trust in the company … ... read more

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Dagmar Preis-Amberger


Do not expect promotions to be the natural consequences of good results. ... read more

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Pamela Lam

Corporate Vice President of Research & Development

Define personal branding – know what you stand for and deliver results. ... read more

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