From TWO perspectives - Read the success stories of our different role models. ONE Henkel - many different people - equal opportunities Our global diversity & Inclusion strategie Diversity - the right ingredients Inclusion - the right recipe

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Work-Life Flexibility: “The Ideal Solution”

In the second part of our series on Work-Life Flexibility we introduce firefighter Kai-Michael Kraushaar, ... read more


New Working Arrangements require Mindset Change

As Corporate Vice President Integrated Business Solutions, Operations & Delivery, Reinhard Maier-Peveling is responsible for ... read more

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From TWO perspectives

Read the success stories of our different role models

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ONE Henkel

many different people - equal opportunities


Diversity Worldwide


3 Flexibility Barriers That Undermine Recruiting

03/27/2015 - Source:

[…Workplace flexibility is vital in today’s employment market. High-level talent craves work-life satisfaction and thrives in environments where they can control where and when they work. As a result, companies ... read more

International Women’s Day – Not Just A Day For Women

03/25/2015 - Source:

[…This can only be a good thing. At the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, we know that the biggest changes happen when people work together. Our efforts to empower women ... read more

Diversity In Entrepreneurship: The Emerging Face Of Tech

03/20/2015 - Source:

[…As Silicon Valley continues to complain about a talent shortage, organizations are working hard to attract diverse talent. Laura Weidman Powers, CEO of CODE 2040, and Johnny C. Taylor, Jr., ... read more

Find your individual role model

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Daila Silina

Country Manager Baltic States

Develop yourself professionally, but also intellectually and emotionally. ... read more

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Mary Valsama

Marketing Director

I consider diversity an asset and advantage for a company, as it includes diverse knowledge, capabilities and resources, which contribute to achieving our targets better and more efficiently. ... read more

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Raphaela E. J. Lessmann

Vice President Finance, OTC, PTP, Treasurer

I would advise women not to be afraid to take on risks and to trust in their instincts and abilities. It may be frightening at times but extremely rewarding once accomplished. ... read more

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