From TWO perspectives - Read the success stories of our different role models. ONE Henkel - many different people - equal opportunities Our global diversity & Inclusion strategie Diversity - the right ingredients Inclusion - the right recipe

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Stage A fairer and more equal society

Creating a Fairer and more Equal Society

From 10 December 2014, couples in civil partnerships in England and Wales will be able ... read more

Stage Girlsday at Henkel

Diversity in Education is a Plus for All

The Diversity Charter, which Henkel is a member company of, has announced an initiative to ... read more

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From TWO perspectives

Read the success stories of our different role models

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ONE Henkel

many different people - equal opportunities


Diversity Worldwide


5 Ways to Work from Home More Effectively

01/28/2015 - Source:

[… More people are foregoing a lengthy commute and working from home. Whether you are a full-time freelancer or the occasional telecommuter, working outside an office can be a challenge. ... read more

Heather McGregor: ‘Working from Home is the Future’

01/26/2015 - Source:

[Trust is essential to any business, and it’s a lot easier to earn it face to face, in the office. Nevertheless, lots of people want to work from home, and ... read more

70% of Women fear taking a Career Break

01/23/2015 - Source:

[…The survey was conducted at the recent Women in Business conference and sent to the business school’s Strategy Review mailing list. Over 2000 women responded to the survey and it ... read more

Find your individual role model

Image: good example

Cinzia Giangiacomi

Business Manager

Never give up. ... read more

Image: good example

Mariela Matute

Finance Commercial Director

You own your career. Every role is essential to the success of Henkel and you can make your role great through your performance. ... read more

Image: good example

Nicole Kraft

Regional Marketing Manager Asia Pacific

Tell people what you want – don’t expect others to read your mind. ... read more

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