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Inclusion Campaign and German Diversity Week at Henkel – 2014

From June 23rd to 27th 2014 Henkel celebrated its second German Diversity Week under the ... read more

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Make-a-wish with Purex

Through Purex’s “Bright Washes, Bright Wishes” campaign, the brand was able to make the dreams ... read more

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From TWO perspectives

Read the success stories of our different role models

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ONE Henkel

many different people - equal opportunities


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Can You Overcome Inbuilt Bias?

08/18/2014 - Source:

[...With recent reports on diversity from Google and Yahoo and reports in the WSJ that diversity programs can do more harm than good, the right way to approach Diversity and Inclusion is a ... read more

5 Things Women could not do in the 1960s

08/14/2014 - Source:

[...Can you imagine pregnancy being a fireable offense? How about job security hinging on your weight or the softness of your hands? What if you couldn't open a bank account ... read more

5 Tips To Find Work-Life Balance While Starting A Company

08/07/2014 - Source:

[...When I sit down and talk to young entrepreneurs, often the first thing I’m asked is, “How do you maintain the other facets of your life while building a company?” My ... read more

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Lianne Boeljon-Kaat

Manager Marketing Leading Premium BeNeLux

People have to take on responsibilities to make it happen. ... read more

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Núria Ribé

Vice President International Marketing HardSurfaceCleaners & Specialties

Be honest with yourself and know what you really want. Have a good partner to share family responsibilities, not delegate but share. Everything is about organization/planning and willingness. ... read more

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Jodie Lynch

Marketing Manager

The flexibility allows me to commit full to the role. ... read more

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