From TWO perspectives - Read the success stories of our different role models. ONE Henkel - many different people - equal opportunities Our global diversity & Inclusion strategie Diversity - the right ingredients Inclusion - the right recipe

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The Equality Plan of Henkel Ibérica as part of the commitment to Diversity ...

In 2010 Henkel received the certificate for “Igualdad en la Empresa” (“Equality within the company”) ... read more


‘Diversity is our task’

Markus Dressel, Henkel Japan’s Human Resources Director, has participated in a Japanese-German symposium, because Diversity ... read more

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From TWO perspectives

Read the success stories of our different role models

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ONE Henkel

many different people - equal opportunities


Diversity Worldwide


Twitter’s diversity report: white, male and just like the rest of Silicon ...

07/29/2014 - Source:

[...Twitter became the latest tech giant to release its diversity report this week, and in news that will surprise few who have been paying attention, the geek squad is substantially ... read more

The Diversity & Inclusion Organization Chart

07/28/2014 - Source:

[...Over the past 5 years, it seems that the trend is to place diversity and inclusion within talent management, sometimes reporting directly to the chief HR professional and sometimes reporting ... read more

Carlos Slim Helu Pitches 3-Day Workweek

07/24/2014 - Source:

[...One of the world's richest men says instead of the current model of a 40-hour workweek and retirement in the 60s, the world should adopt a system of working later ... read more

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Rogier Koning

Trade Marketing Manager

For me, it’s balanced when both work and life give me positive energy. ... read more

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Anke Schneider

Financial Commercial Director

A modern company should offer flexible work and career patterns, so that the diversity of interests among employees can be reflected. ... read more

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Iva Radenovic

CIO Office and Communication Manager

By giving me the freedom to organize my time according to my needs, my line manager motivates me to give my best at work in return. ... read more

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