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Monthly Archives: January 2011

You’ve got to want to/ Du sollst wollen

“You’ve got to want to!” That this request obviously rarely leads to the intended goal should be clear. In contrary: worst case it leads to the opposite: reactance.  “You’ve got to want to!” could be definitely the interpretation of the ... read more

Must executives be authentic? / Müssen Führungskräfte authentisch sein?

Must executives be authentic? This question raised Roland Wichmann-Kopp on his personalityblog (Persönlichkeitsblog) for a controversial discussion. Authenticity at any cost? Or just a moderate starring role? The happy medium seems to be the right one. At least 94.6% manager ... read more

About puppy-dog protection and women's quota / Über Welpenschutz und Frauenquote

2011 starts with the same discussion as 2010 ended: the women’s quota. A few days ago the National Assembly of Paris approved a women’s quota for supervisory committees in French companies. Precise: the share of women in advisory boards in ... read more

Generation Future / Generation Zukunft

Generation Future: This is the headline of a Handelsblatt series that started last week. Therein the newspaper introduces future DAX 30 CEOs – or at least these persons who could become future CEOs. Nowadays they are waiting for their chances ... read more

Real Quality of Life / Echte Lebensqualität

click here The German Newspaper „Zeit“ recently published an article about a man who works in a consultancy. Not really news, right? Really different from the usual consultant job is that he works in part-time. Four days a week, he ... read more

Being a Diversity Manager is like being a Doctor / Ein Diversity Manager ist wie ein Arzt

During my two weeks vacation on Christmas season I had to realize that being a Diversity Manager is like being a doctor. If a doctor enters the room all of a sudden the present people start to moan about this ... read more

Happy New Year / Frohes Neues Jahr

can i get my ex girlfriend back Same procedure as every year: Reviews of the year often comes much too early and New Year’s greetings sometimes somehow late… nevertheless I don’t want to miss to wish you the same: A ... read more