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The birth of a diverse and inclusive culture at Henkel Italy

November 2010 saw the birth of the first Italian Diversity & Inclusion training! Taking advantage of the international success of the Diversity & Inclusion training activities ran in Dusseldorf, we decided to launch a 1,5 days program in Italy as well. 

The target group was represented by managers and employees and the aim of the initiative was to strengthen our knowledge about Diversity & Inclusion on one side and to put in place concrete actions to spread a really Diverse Culture throughout our company on the other side. 

In detail the training was meant to give some information about the content of this managerial theory, focusing in particular on three dimensions of Diversity & Inclusion:

  • the age diversity
  • the cultural diversity
  • the gender diversity

At the end of the training each of the 15 participants defined a Personal Action Plan, and I’m already working with some of them on the launch of some brand new initiatives to be implemented in 2011!

Marco Scotton, 27 years old, Junior Brand Manager of the laundry and homecare business unit commented his experience like this:

“ I came back to my office with so many  new ideas! I’m a marketer,  I consider  the client as the king and this training gave me some important hints on how to be nearer to the customer’s beliefs, thoughts and desires. Diversity Management is a way to bring more results in our daily business!”

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