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Education: Women benefit more than men!

(c) eriwstEducation: Women benefit more than men! At least this is claimed by a condensed report of the German Institute for Labour Market and Employment research which contains information about educational returns in Western Europe. The educational return is an indicator of the monetary net income achieved in the working life due to higher education. In nine out of twelve western European countries – includingIreland,Portugal andSpain on the first three places – women have a higher return on education than men. Therefore, according to the study, a high level of education is more profitable for women than for men.

How is this possible? Although highly trained women earn less then highly trained men this gender pay gap is smaller than the wage differences on a low trained level. One reason is that in jobs where a lower skill level is needed factors such as the physical performance or working schedules (night and shift work, which is difficult to reconcile with family responsibilities) play a major role. The result is that low-skilled women often are working in very low-paid jobs. This is one reason why by comparison education for women pays off more than for men.

And moreover – it is to be feared that men are even becoming the undereducated gender. An online article of the BloombergBusinessweek shows figures of the American National Center for Education Statistics which project by 2019 there will be almost three women in a college classroom for every two men. Are we facing a future with too little educated men? And if so, do we have to think about affirmative action plans for the education of men – right now?

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