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Henkel Electronics celebrates employees’ cultural diversity

On May 21, Henkel Electronics employees in Irvine, California celebrated the diverse cultures represented within our fantastic and talented staff. Diversity Day, which has been observed for the past three years in Irvine, has several objectives which include:


  • Promoting awareness about different cultures and ethnicities in our workplace, our homes and communities
  • Providing an ongoing emphasis on diversity and inclusion inNorth America
  • Allowing participating Henkel sites to develop Diversity Day plans and engage all employees
  • Fostering creative thinking and team building across departments, business units and sites
  • Exhibiting commitment by senior leadership to sustaining an inclusive corporate culture

The day began with a global map exercise, where employees were encouraged to mark their native country with a push pin on the map. At mid-day, employees joined in a celebration of different cultures, in which various country teams representing 16 countries presented facts about their heritage as well as shared native cuisine. Henkel Electronics employees each received a raffle ticket and a ballot to vote for the best country teams in the categories of best food, best presentation and best overall. Vietnam won the food contest, Mexico the best presentation and China the best overall.

Diversity Day also honored our company’s dedication to charitable endeavors and, during the celebration, non-perishable food items, clothing and gift cards were collected for Laura’s House, a local charity that assists victims of domestic violence. As is typical of the Henkel staff, generosity was plentiful and the donation bin was filled to the top by the end of the event. Marissa Presley, the first-ever bilingual Prevention Education Specialist for Laura’s House, addressed employees and gave an overview of the outreach programs – particularly among youth – that Laura’s House provides. She highlighted the importance of recognizing cultural diversity and talked about her experience in mentoring at-risk youth and developing relationships with the community in diverse, multi-cultural contexts. Our thanks to Marissa for this informative and eye-opening presentation.

Our own Dirk Cartus as well as Michael Todd also spoke at the event and highlighted Henkel’s commitment to diversity inclusion and pride within Henkel Electronics. “Recognizing and embracing cultural diversity is essential to recruiting, developing and retaining the best employees,” said Michael Todd. “As a global organization, we are by nature a very diverse company and I believe we embrace multi-culturalism on a local level as well. This is most certainly one of the reasons that Henkel is so well-perceived around the world.”

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  1. 06/13/2012 - Author: Sonja Karthaus

    That sounds like an interesting and inclusive day!!

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