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Diversity – A step on the way to inclusion

Maze challengeDiversity in terms of different cultures and colors of the skin seems quite normal to our everyday lives – one should have supposed. Thus it is all the more surprising that people of color apparently still feel shut out in their workplaces according to the Harvard Business Review Blog Network, quoting the survey ‘Vaulting the Color Bar: How Sponsorship Levers Multicultural Professionals into Leadership’. A considerable amount of  participants of the survey stated that they have to hide their true themselves.

Apart from the fact that an esteeming interaction between and with people of all cultures and nationalities should be a matter of course in our global world, especially companies, human resources as well as diversity managers should listen attentively.

This discovery is a clear sign that diversity itself can not be the goal but moreover is one step on the way to inclusion. Thus it is not only important to ensure a variety of different people regarding all imaginable aspects in the workplace – this could honestly even undermine the business case and strategic benefits which are attributed to the idea of a diverse workforce. More important is to ensure inclusion! Only if the employees respect and value each other with all the differences, the potential of diversity can be leveraged.

Due to this circumstance it is particularly important for global companies like Henkel, to pursue a holistic approach of diversity and inclusion which supports an equitable and healthy company culture where all employees and their contributions are valued.

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