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“Experiencing Diversity” and break the Ice!

As part of the first Global Diversity Weeks at Henkel with its large variety of activities a diverse group of interns participated in the “Diversity Icebreaker Event” at headquarters in Duesseldorf.TE-Diversity-Icebreaker-_DSC4778_223

The workshop, specifically designed for Henkel’s interns, consisted of an introductory presentation by Sonja Kuch, Global Diversity & Inclusion Manager at Henkel Düsseldorf, and was followed by a “Diversity Icebreaker Training” by Training and Management Consultant Tim Hill.




TE-Diversity-Icebreaker-_Sonja presenting_DSC4759Sonja Kuch started out with an overview of the topic Diversity in general. Subsequently, she explained how Diversity as part of the Henkel strategy has a huge economic, strategic and social relevance for the company acting in today’s internationally competitive environment: “You might compare diversity to a recipe. It is not done with having all kinds of different ingredients and throwing them together into one pot. In order to get a delicious meal, you need the right composition and mixture of ingredients and include them adequately.” For Henkel that implies having a diverse workforce that reflects the company’s markets with its variety of talents, mindsets, qualities and abilities.



TE-Diversity-Icebreaker-_DSC4851The workshop centered on cognitive diversity, meaning to say how people think and behave differently. Depending on the interns’ answers to a questionnaire, they split up in three groups: the enthusiasts for unusual ideas and ambitions, the ones that easily connect with new people and put harmony as a top priority and a group for the practical and solution-oriented ones.

The key questions were: What do you bring to others.



The participants were also asked to bring an object that represents diversity to them. Here are some examples:

Aylin-Watermann-4520_223Aylin connects diversity with the variety of music. From classic to rock and pop and in different languages – music is diverse!


ATTTHKYIA-Thi-Trang-Dai associates diversity with travel.

While traveling one does not only see other places, but it also widens the horizon.


Johannes-Gricenko-4565_223Johannes associates internationality with diversity.

He studied abroad and experienced international students’ diverse way of thinking.

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