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Author: Luisa Perez

My first Experience at Henkel

Last August, 12th and 19th, for the first time in the history of Henkel in Mexico, our corporate offices opened the doors to approximately 50 children who literally came to work with mom or dad. This activity allowed the young to learn ... read more

The Equity in Business

The latest publication of Expansion, Top Mexican Business Magazine, referred to the 50 most powerful women in business in Mexico. The ranking included not only domestic companies like Pemex but also international companies like General Electric. All of them agreed ... read more

How to develop Team Spirit in a Virtual Setup

The purchasing organization in Henkel has an operating model across the different business units and regions. This frame work requires to the vast majority of the Purchasing Department employees to work in virtual teams. These teams are responsible to implement ... read more

New Work-Life-Balance opportunities at Henkel in Mexico

As for March 1st  Henkel employees in Mexico will be able to have more options to balance their energy between work and private life. Recognizing that life cycle has different demands regarding time management. Henkel in Mexico has launched four ... read more