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Category: Age Diversity

Delivering for the Community in Seoul

Henkel Korea’s Adhesives Electronics (AE) business is transforming lives in Seoul as part of a Corporate Citizenship project that delivers food and companionship to the elderly, the sick and the poor. Henkel employees in Korea’s AE business are helping those who ... read more

Managing an Ageing Workforce

Managing an ageing workforce is an important topic, especially in Western European Countries, because of the demographic change. In addition, research confirms that the population 50+ has the biggest potential for quantitative growth within our labor markets in the future. ... read more

When youngsters and seniors form a team

jung und alt

When young and senior employees are working together in a team, most managers would suspect a lower efficiency and a higher risk of conflicts. The “Rheinische Post” has now published an article that describes a different picture. The international bank ... read more

Generational Engagement: an intra-generational Task

Business Meeting

Age diversity is a constantly evolving dimension with changing implications. Currently, many companies are still struggling to smoothly integrate various generations into the same workplace. We have already discussed the daily challenges posed by generational cohabitation (see article Generational culture ... read more

U2B 2013: University meets Diversity!


On April, 25 and 26 Henkel was premium partner of the networking and recruiting event “University2business” of the Cologne Business School. This year it took place under the motto “Workforce of Tomorrow – Managing Diversity in the 21st Century”. The ... read more

Generation Z – What is this about?

Companies are still struggling a bit to understand the generation Y and now already the next generation is knocking at the door, as customers as well as future employees! So, who are they? What is there mentality? What do we ... read more

Lifelong learning – A catchphrase or a necessity?

Chinese Employees

Lifelong learning is a catchphrase which is heart quite often in the recent years. So, what exactly are we talking about? ... read more

Happy International Women’s Day!

Today, March the 8th, all over the world the International Women’s Day is celebrated. Various events are taking place all over the globe and the achievements of women in the last decades and centuries are praised. This day should sensitize ... read more