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Category: Cultural Diversity

Diversity Matters – Not only in Companies, but also on Campus

Diversity on Campus_Winning picture Nam Do Hoai

Workplace Diversity, with respect to many different aspects such as age, gender or cultural background, is a topic broadly discussed within company boardrooms and plenary sessions. Having the right mix of diverse employees coming together to form one team is ... read more

Happy Birthday to Henkel and its Diversity!

Selfie 1

Happy Birthday to Henkel and its Diversity! Employees worldwide are celebrating Henkel’s birthday today on September 26th. 138 successful years of Henkel: This is only possible with diverse and engaged teams all around the world. Prior to Henkel’s 138th birthday, ... read more

Diversity at the Oscars 2014


Today, cultural diversity, anti-discrimination and equality are important topics. Therefore the fact that a black producer has won an Oscar for the first time, may seem like a mayor step towards equality. “Anything can happen. So many different possibilities. Possibility ... read more

International assignments: experiencing diversity at Henkel!

Lug Godefroid and his family in China

We spoke to our colleague Luc Godefroid about his view on Diversity. Luc worked for Henkel in the US and in China, and recently returned to Belgium. By gaining experience abroad, Luc contributed to a diverse workforce. What cultural differences ... read more

Diversity Weeks and Work-Life Flexibility at Henkel Hellas!


Earlier this summer, Henkel celebrated its first Global Diversity Weeks aiming at experiencing and learning from diversity. Employees could participate in over 100 events and activities across the regions. Henkel Hellas took active part in the celebrations. The Global Diversity ... read more

Over 100 events and activities worldwide – this is the result of the first Global Diversity Weeks at Henkel

Ueberreichung Diversity Buch in Z-30.

Beautiful, happy, touching and educational moments: the first Global Diversity Weeks from Henkel delivered a broad range of inspiring experiences and emotions to Henkel employees. Henkel’s first Global Diversity Weeks were commemorated by over 100 global, regional, local and virtual ... read more

Beauty is Diverse. Diversity is Beautiful.


Diversity fascinates and inspires, stimulates creativity and leads to better results as well as strong innovations. With the motto “Beauty is diverse. Diversity is beautiful.” two events of the business unit Beauty Care took place on the June 14th as ... read more

Henkel Global Diversity Weeks: “Experiencing Diversity”! May 21 – June 11, 2013


In 2001, the UNESCO rose May 21 to the “World Day for Cultural Diversity” with the goal to strengthen and better understand the value of cultural diversity and to enforce the awareness for it. This approach has succeeded in many respects ... read more