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Category: Cultural Diversity

Lived Diversity: How is it… to come from Turkey to Vienna?

Nadire Beynio (from Turkey to Vienna): I work as Category Head based in Vienna since 2012. I am responsible for “Specialties categories” of Laundry & Home Care in the region CEE. To work internationally is a challenge, for the work ... read more

Intercultural Communication: Hello, hallo, bonjour, привет, hola, 您好!

When thinking about intercultural communication the first thing that comes to mind is how to greet someone. Are you always sure about how to greet your business partner from a different culture? Let’s take a closer look at a “greetings ... read more

Communicate to understand and be understood

The meeting is over. Everyone bangs their knuckles on the table and gets up to leave. This common way to end a meeting in Germany could puzzle someone from a different culture at first. By anticipating such cultural differences in ... read more

Henkel “serves” Diversity for Lunch!

Once a month from August 2015, the dish of the day in one of the canteens at Henkel’s Headquarters in Düsseldorf will be “Diversity.” Those employees using Henkel’s canteen services can expect a culinary tour of the world with special meals ... read more

Congratulations to the Henkel Fire Pearls Dragon Boat Team

Henkel Fire Pearls in Scottsdale break the record for fastest rowing time in the corporate division! Congratulations to the Henkel Fire Pearls for winning a silver medal in the corporate division at the 12th annual Arizona Dragon Boat Festival in Tempe, ... read more

International Women’s Day at Henkel Algeria: Escape and Discovery

For the International Women’s Day, Henkel Algeria invited the wives of our employees and Henkel female colleagues under the theme: “Escape & Discovery”. In order to reward women involvement in daily civic life, education and family support, Henkel Algeria has offered ... read more

D&I Campaign in Vietnam – “Participation is Key for Inclusion!”

Campaign Vietnam

In combination with the Henkel Day, Henkel Vietnam promoted diversity and inclusion with special activities at the major two sites. Before the Diversity and Inclusion date, teaser emails were sent to all employees, and posters & brochures were distributed to ... read more

Diversity in Education is a Plus for All

Girlsday at Henkel

The Diversity Charter, which Henkel is a member company of, has announced an initiative to make recruitment processes free from stereotypes and bias. In an interview Henkel’s Head of Vocational Training, Loert de Riese–Meyer talks about diversity in the Henkel apprenticeship ... read more