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Category: Gender Diversity

Reaching goals while staying flexible

KM_Charta of Flexibility

The 8th of March was world women’s day – for the 103rd time already! This seems like a good opportunity to push the discussion on the topic of “women in leadership” – and to revise where we stand right now. ... read more

Americans still prefer a male boss


We often discuss gender discrimination in career advancement. But did you ever look at it the other way around? Are female bosses discriminated by their subordinates? According to the results of a poll by the consultancy Gallup, expert in public ... read more

Henkel Technologies Korea wins the prize for “2013 Great Place to Work for Korean Women” awarded by GWP (Great Work Place) Korea

Henkel Technologies Korea was awarded the honor of the prize at the award ceremony for “2013 Great Places to Work for Korean Women” hosted and selected by GWP Korea! Henkel Technologies Korea was selected due to the efforts shown by ... read more

Schwarzkopf Professional Ladies Lunch 2013 – New women’s network for the hairdressing sector


On October 21, 2013, 40 passionate hairdressing entrepreneurs and salon owners from throughout Germany met to partake in the inaugural Schwarzkopf Professional Ladies Lunch. The venue: GROSZ, one of Berlin’s hottest restaurants. Enjoying the exclusive atmosphere, the businesswomen talked to ... read more

Are women really better multitaskers?

(c) thetaxhaven

It is generally said that women tend to be better at multitasking, or, in other words, that men often struggle to remain focused on different tasks at the same time. Reality or myth? A recent study published at the journal ... read more

Germany to introduce gender quotas

Newton cradle

As part of the discussions to form a new coalition government in Germany, the country’s two largest parties, Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats (CDU) and the center-left Social Democrats (SPD), seem to have agreed on a gender quota on company supervisory boards. ... read more

Women of Wind Energy Day at Henkel

Women of Winde Energy Event at Henkel

The Women of Wind Energy Day event recently took place at Henkel’s Headquarters in Düsseldorf. Women of Wind Energy e.V. is a non-profit organization established in Germany by women whose companies operate in different areas of the wind industry. During ... read more

The World Economic Forum’s last Global Gender Gap Report

The World Economic Forum Global Gender Gap Report

Every year, the World Economic Forum publishes the Global Gender Gap Report. This report is a worldwide reference in gender gap issues. The 2013 report has just become available. It analyses 136 countries on the basis of their ability to ... read more