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Henkel Employees in Action with the MIT Initiative

The tenth MIT photo competition showcases the best photos from the volunteering employees of Henkel employees and retirees through the ‘Make an Impact on Tomorrow’ (MIT) initiative. In the competition, Henkel employees voted for their favorite employee-submitted photos. Each one ... read more

Creating a Fairer and more Equal Society

A fairer and more equal society

From 10 December 2014, couples in civil partnerships in England and Wales will be able to convert their partnership into a marriage, concluding an historic process of changing the law to give same sex couples the right to be married. ... read more

Inclusion Campaign and German Diversity Week at Henkel – 2014

From June 23rd to 27th 2014 Henkel celebrated its second German Diversity Week under the umbrella of the global Inclusion Campaign that took place in June. The aim of the campaign was to raise the awareness for Diversity & Inclusion ... read more

Henkel’s Global Diversity & Inclusion Campaign: It’s all about you !

Diversity is in your hands

On June 2nd 2014, Henkel launched its first global Diversity and Inclusion campaign to foster the awareness and understanding of Diversity and Inclusion among all its employees. Henkel employs diverse people from more than 120 countries. Our Diversity brings us together ... read more

A new, strong Henkel Network

Ralph Goldschmidt

Henkel aspires to create a company culture where the appreciation of differences (Inclusion) is inherent in the way we treat each other. This includes all visible and not visible differences and refers to Diversity dimensions such as gender, culture, seniority, ... read more

“Everybody is equal here”


Henkel is working together with the “Workshop for adapted Work” (wfaa), a German organization that empowers people with physical and mental disabilities. Its specially adapted working environments provide its workers with their own source of independent income and enable them ... read more

Henkel Team supports Special Olympics in Düsseldorf


Initiated in 1968 by the sister of former US president John F. Kennedy, the Special Olympics have grown to be one of the biggest sports events for mentally and multiply disabled people. This year, nearly 5.000 German athletes will participate ... read more

Henkel’s lifelong learning initiative – Get started now

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In the last articles we have shown you in great detail why lifelong learning is important for business and personal success. Now is the right time for you to seize these opportunities! To successfully and continuously learn you need to ... read more