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Henkel Team supports Special Olympics in Düsseldorf


Initiated in 1968 by the sister of former US president John F. Kennedy, the Special Olympics have grown to be one of the biggest sports events for mentally and multiply disabled people. This year, nearly 5.000 German athletes will participate ... read more

Henkel’s lifelong learning initiative – Get started now

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In the last articles we have shown you in great detail why lifelong learning is important for business and personal success. Now is the right time for you to seize these opportunities! To successfully and continuously learn you need to ... read more

Henkel’s lifelong learning initiative – Many small steps


“Learning is pleasurable but doing is the height of enjoyment.” – Novalis. The German philosopher was right: By taking learning one step further and applying what you have learned, you can enjoy the full learning potential. But what does this ... read more

Henkel’s lifelong learning initiative – Already learned today?


  Lifelong learning is highly important in terms of personal and professional success. In the fast-paced work environment it is ever more important to use the time given for personal and professional development effectively. But how can you incorporate learning ... read more

Henkel’s lifelong learning initiative – aiming high by driving y (our) future


“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.” – Anthony J. D’Angelo (Chief Visionary Officer at Collegiate EmPowerment) Learning means evolving. Those who engage actively with learning have new experiences, acquire knowledge and develop ... read more

Henkel’s lifelong learning initiative – an appetite for learning


Over the last couple of months Henkel has led an initiative on the topic of lifelong learning with the aim to raise awareness for the topic and to support employees in their quest for learning. Life in the 21st century ... read more

Innovation, Diversity and the Marketplace: Cross-Industry Dialogue on Correlation between Diversity and Innovative Strength

Merck_CTI Study_Innovation, Diversity, Marketplace

DAX companies met on November 20th at Merck headquarters in Darmstadt to gain insights into study on the correlation of diversity and innovative strength conducted by Center of Talent Innovation. Merck Serono CEO Belén Garijo: “Not only do we want to ... read more

“Catering for fathers – the new corporate thinking!”

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What is the current status regarding those “little differences” between men and women at work? Are the consequences still of major significance or are mothers and fathers converging in terms of their desire to strike a sustainable balance between work ... read more