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Astrid Bosten

“If I didn’t have the freedom to work this flexibly, I would not be able to work fulltime.”


Business Unit: Finance
Division: IBS
Job title: Manager Communications & Change

Question 1


What makes your work and working time model special and what benefits do you see?

The special thing about my working time model is that it is completely flexible concerning time and place of work. This gives me complete responsibility for managing both professional and private life.

Question 2

Please describe your typical day/work week (e.g. when does your working day start/end? Where do you work? What is your personal work-life balance principle?).

I usually start working at 5.00 o’clock in the morning from my home office before my family wakes up. After having breakfast together, each of us goes on his or her way to kindergarten, school and office. Around 4.00 p.m. I usually leave the office to pick up my children. If necessary, I work after they have gone to bed. I am completely flexible in terms of attending important meetings and taking business trips.

Question 3

What advantages does your line manager have in supporting your work model?

I think one major advantage of this flexible working model for my line manager is that he has a fulltime employee. If I didn’t have the freedom to work this flexibly, I would not be able to work fulltime. Another advantage is that because it shows that my line manager believes in me, my motivation and commitment to work are very high and my performance reflects the potential I have. Rigid work structures would curtail this potential.

Question 4

Did the opportunity to work under flexible conditions significantly influence your decision to continue working?

At the time I chose Henkel as employer, the idea of starting a family was a long way off. Nevertheless, the family-friendly image of Henkel made a positive impression on me.

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