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Role Model

Claire Brugnago

“Trust yourself, say what you want and go for it!”


Business Unit: Henkel Beauty Care
Division: Henkel Beauty Care
Job title: General Manager Henkel Tunesia


Question 1

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I had no concrete idea or dream regarding my professional life but I have been strongly influenced by the entrepreneurship spirit of my parents. They created their own business, I grew with it and I have therefore often thought about following their model meaning managing business and people.

Question 2

What has motivated you to take on a position of high responsibility within Henkel?

My strongest motivation is my willingness to continuously learn which I am convinced is a major factor of success. Working in a challenging international environment, managing and developing people are also strong motivations.

Question 3

What were the milestones in your career and are there people or circumstances that have favored your career?

Each cross departmental move I made was a key milestone. In the last decade, I actually moved from business controlling to marketing and sales positions. All these steps including an international assignment opened my way to where I am now: General Manager. I would never have gone this far without strong coaching and support from some of my passed managers to whom I am extremely grateful.

Question 4

What is your advice to women seeking to build careers?

Trust yourself, say what you want and go for it!

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