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Role Model

Iva Radenovic

“By giving me the freedom to organize my time according to my needs, my line manager motivates me to give my best at work in return.”


Business Unit: Information Technology
Division: Information Technology
Job title: CIO Office and Communication Manager




Question 1


What makes your work and working time model special and what benefits do you see?

My working time is based on trust, professionalism and respect between team members and the supervisor I work with. Flexible working time allows me to take care of my family while continuing to work fulltime.

Question 2

Please describe your typical day/work week (e.g. when does your working day start/end? Where do you work? What is your personal work-life balance principle?).

I start work at 8:30 a.m., onsite in Düsseldorf Z20, and finish around 5:30 p.m., 6:15 at the latest. I pick up my son at the kindergarten right after work. If I have tasks to finish, I work from home after dinner, open end. I can rearrange my working time in case of special needs (e.g. taking my son to the doctor for a vaccination), even on short notice. If my son falls sick, I can work from home or take sick leave.

Question 3

What advantages does your line manager have in supporting your work model?

My line manager trusts me to finish all tasks on time, at all cost – working during weekends or on vacation if necessary. By giving me the freedom to organize my time according to my needs, he motivates me to give my best at work in return.

Question 4

Did the opportunity to work under flexible conditions significantly influence your decision to continue working?

Yes. The flexible working conditions allow me to have both a family and a career. I wouldn’t be satisfied with life if I had to give up one of the things I like doing most.

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