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Nicole Kraft

“Tell people what you want – don’t expect others to read your mind.”


Business Unit:  Henkel Beauty Care
Division:  Henkel Beauty Care
Job title:  Corp Dir Board Office

Question 1

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be a ballerina.

Question 2

What has motivated you to take on a position of high responsibility within Henkel?

I like driving change, and I can do exactly that in my current role as Regional Marketing Manager for Asia Pacific. There is so much untapped potential in the region and new things to learn and improve every day.

Question 3

What were the milestones in your career and are there people or circumstances that have favored your career?

I started as Assistant Brand Manager in the detergents business, where I had various roles in marketing and also worked in the sales force for some time. After three years I became Executive Assistant to Kasper Rorsted. I had the chance to broaden my horizon and see how the company is steered on a strategic level. Seeing how important emerging markets are and will be increasingly, I decided this should be my next career step – and here I am today, working in Shanghai, steering Asia Pacific for SYOSS and all our styling brands.

Question 4

What is your advice to women seeking to build careers?

Tell people what you want – don’t expect others to read your mind.

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