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Vera Diel

Networking is key. Find people you can trust and exchange with openly as sparring partners, get advice from and discuss topics relevant to you.”


Business Unit: Laundry & Home Care
Division: Key Account Management
Job title: International Marketing Director

Question 1

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Farmer, dancer, painter.

Question 2

What has motivated you to take on a position of high responsibility within Henkel?

It’s always a great challenge to be able to work with and develop people. This, I believe, is one of the tasks you learn most from and which can be most rewarding. Plus there is always a certain thrill in taking on more responsibility, which makes you grow and increase your learning curve.Uggs Outlet.

Question 3

What were the milestones in your career and are there people or circumstances that have favored your career?

The main milestones in my career were: the switch from Firmenich Vienna (Fragrance & Flavours Company) to Henkel Cosmetics Düsseldorf in 2001, where I started my Henkel career as International Brand Manager. In 2006 I moved to the Laundry & Homecare Division into local German Marketing; In 2009 I moved back to an international marketing position (Regional Marketing Unit for Western Europe, then International Marketing Unit) and since Sept 2012 I have started a job rotation to Key Account Management in Germany.Uggs Outlet Online.

There are always people who help you shape your career – people who are sparring partners and give you career advice, who believe in you and support you, role models who have been pioneers in taking unusual career paths. In this I have had the help of superiors, colleagues, the HR department, friends, family and mentors. It is also always a question of circumstances – positions that are suddenly freed up, restructurings, opportunities, new contacts.

Question 4

What is your advice to women seeking to build careers?

Networking is key: the way to find people you can trust and exchange with openly as sparring partners, get advice from and discuss topics relevant to you. Make very clear what you want and what you don’t want. The only way your career can go the way you want it to is to take responsibility for your career and don’t expect others to offer options to you. Be authentic and have and opinion: strong leaders usually value an open word and honest opinion more than they value someone who always agrees and runs with the crowd. Fairness and respect will be remembered.Cheap Uggs Outlet.

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