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Veronica Gabriela Vaira

“Personally the longing plays the great engine of my life – I fight for what I want to accomplish and then enjoy the benefits.”


Business Unit: Adhesive Technologies
Division: Sales Administration
Job title:  



Question 1

What’s your personal definition of work-life balance?

The balance between my professional and private life is based on keeping the right focus in the right place. At work, I concentrate my energy on my responsibilities and performing them properly, taking care not to leave anything pending at the time I leave the office. At home, I focus on my family and sharing my time between quality time, education and values. In my marriage, we have shared an abiding love for twenty years, in which we have built a happy family.

Question 2

Did you consciously choose a certain life balance?

Yes. In my life I try to be honest with myself and give myself time to find out what I can do, while seeking a balance with my environment to achieve harmony and well-being. I have the satisfaction of being a wife and the mom of two kids (five and ten), which gives me a full sense of self-realization as a woman along with the strength to take on day-to-day challenges.

Question 3

Was a healthy work-life balance a criterion in deciding on a specific employer?

Yes. My choice of a career and family life is very healthy, as it allows me to an integrate development of myself as a woman and as part of the company. This helps me strengthen the bonds of human relationships that support me in achieving positive results, both at work and in my private life.

Question 4

What positive effects does your personal work-life approach have?

Personally the longing plays the great engine of my life – I fight for what I want to accomplish and then enjoy the benefits. Every day, I appreciate what I am and what I have, which also motivates me to enhance the performance of others and commit together to reaching our goals. That is essential in achieving good interpersonal communication, which only occurs when there are human values.

I think long-term, both personally and in terms of work. This gives me a broader vision of the future, and this enables me to seize the opportunities presented to me. I am persistent: I try several times and focus on issues from different points of view to achieve goals, which opens up the opportunity to learn and receive training every day, facilitating development of new projects and implementation of processes. Facing new challenges makes me feel like I can grow and help the growth and development of those around me.

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