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Managing an Ageing Workforce

Managing an ageing workforce is an important topic, especially in Western European Countries, because of the demographic change. In addition, research confirms that the population 50+ has the biggest potential for quantitative growth within our labor markets in the future. ... read more

Henkel Polska Talks about Diversity


The Diversity Congress held in Warsaw on October 8, 2014 brought close to 100 participants together from the business community, NGOs, the media and the world of science. They discussed the key challenges of a global world. Diversity was supported ... read more

When youngsters and seniors form a team

jung und alt

When young and senior employees are working together in a team, most managers would suspect a lower efficiency and a higher risk of conflicts. The “Rheinische Post” has now published an article that describes a different picture. The international bank ... read more

Generational Engagement: an intra-generational Task

Business Meeting

Age diversity is a constantly evolving dimension with changing implications. Currently, many companies are still struggling to smoothly integrate various generations into the same workplace. We have already discussed the daily challenges posed by generational cohabitation (see article Generational culture ... read more

The challenge of a younger boss

Younger boss

What’s the challenge when you are or get a younger boss? ... read more

Generational culture clash – How to align five generations at work?

A good team - Joachim Jäckle and Anne Bartelheimer

In our world of work we are facing the challenge to bring up to five generations not only “under one roof”, but to develop high performing teams and who work together successfully and who turn differences into synergies. ... read more

The changed values of a new generation

Millennials, Generation Y is entering the labor market

Facing the ‘war of talents’ businesses should be aware of applicants and future employees with other motives than money – because money isn’t everything! ... read more

Mixed-age Teams and Generational Change – New Opportunities through Diversity Management

 In 2010 the Diversity Professional Network “Synergies through Diversity” started its initiative. Henkel was amongst the first members of this professional network. The network provides companies and organizations a platform for the topic diversity and practical support for the implementation ... read more