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When youngsters and seniors form a team

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When young and senior employees are working together in a team, most managers would suspect a lower efficiency and a higher risk of conflicts. The “Rheinische Post” has now published an article that describes a different picture. The international bank ... read more

Age Discrimination in Workplace has Warning Signs

[... As aging baby boomers continue to stay in the workforce into their 50s, 60s and even later, age discrimination claims are going way up. More businesses think a way to streamline operations is to remove older workers and replace them ... read more

The young and the restless: Attracting millennial talent

[... A recent Ernst & Young survey of 1,215 professionals in companies found that 75% of managers agreed that running multigenerational teams is a challenge, and more than two-thirds reported their organizations introduced changes to make cross-generational working easier. The ... read more

For jobless over 50, a challenging search for work

][… The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research found that more than half of those 50 and older who’ve hunted for a job in the past five years say their search was moderately or very difficult, and more than ... read more

Generation gap: How to manage employees older than you

[... When it comes to leading employees who are older, Megow has three rules to live by: 1. Be respectful of the age difference; 2. Find ways older employees can contribute their extra experience and wisdom to the team; 3. If issues do ... read more

How to Get a Great Job… After You Retire!

[... Today’s retirees face a unique set of financial challenges, including how to achieve financial stability in a low-yield environment, in an age in which greater life expectancy slowly drains one’s finances. Retirees are also more likely to be less ... read more

How Older People Will Change the World

[... Actually, older people are going to be the most influential force of change in our society for many years to come. . What's needed today is a spark in awareness of the positive ways in which increasing numbers of skilled ... read more

Age discrimination in the workplace an ongoing problem: Study

[... Age discrimination is still a significant problem in the Canadian workplace, and many employers have very limited strategies for retaining mature workers, according to a recent study. More than one-half (57 per cent) of mature workers want to stay in ... read more