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Why Flexible Working is a Win/Win for Over-50s

[…Working later in life is the new normal. More than half of employees over 55 now plan to continue working well past what would have been their traditional retirement age. It might be because we love work, or maybe we ... read more

Managing an Ageing Workforce

Managing an ageing workforce is an important topic, especially in Western European Countries, because of the demographic change. In addition, research confirms that the population 50+ has the biggest potential for quantitative growth within our labor markets in the future. ... read more

Aligning Aspirations

[…”I was Gen Y to my grandfather,” said Chandrasekhar of Dr. Reddy’s Labs, who wanted to go beyond the description of a Gen X or Y. The real point, he said, “is that people evolve almost every five years… I ... read more

Henkel Polska Talks about Diversity


The Diversity Congress held in Warsaw on October 8, 2014 brought close to 100 participants together from the business community, NGOs, the media and the world of science. They discussed the key challenges of a global world. Diversity was supported ... read more

Younger Generation should realize Older Workers’ Experience, Strengths

[…The younger generation should remember that older generations have weathered more unpredictability than they have. For example, a 30-year-old with a college degree has spent more than half his life in a system where baseline efforts yields almost certain results ... read more

Embracing Age Diversity is “Continuing Journey” for Employers, says AARP Leader

[…Challenges around diversity in the workplace are nothing new. Though the specifics may evolve, businesses and organizations are constantly adapting to changing demographics in the workforce, which, for many now, is a growing population of older workers…] ... read more

Diversity Makes You Smarter

[…Diversity, in other words, nudges you out of your comfort zone in a good way. It provokes different sorts of discussions and debates and makes it easier to resist the worst consequences of groupthink. Even if diversity is a tough ... read more

Bridging Generational Gaps at work

[…I have been reading about and presenting on the generational differences in the workplace since the late 1990’s. When I first started the people in the Millennial generation (or Generation Y) were teenagers and barely visible in the workplace, mostly ... read more