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Like a Real Researcher

What is it really like to be a researcher? For the past five years, children have been able to find out first-hand through Henkel’s Forscherwelt (Researchers’ World). In the specially developed children’s program, curiosity and fun are encouraged. The goal ... read more

Henkel South Africa: Reading matters

For the Grade 3 learners at Mohaung Primary in Thokoza, reading time has become more exciting – thanks to the Henkel South Africa: Festive Season Employee Read to Rise Initiative. Thokoza is an area close to our South African head ... read more

Education for a better Future at Henkel Tunisia

Education for a better future starts with our children. Around 40 children of Henkel Tunisia employees were invited to attend a sustainability training in December 2015. x All children successfully passed the training that was conducted by ambassadors who in ... read more

Rocky Hill and Bridgewater host activities for “Take Your Child to Work Day”

child work

On April 24, employees’ children got a first-hand look at their parents’ jobs on Take Your Children to Work Day in Rocky Hill, Conn. and Bridgewater, NJ. The kids traded their school books for lab coats and safety glasses as ... read more

Parental leave – A threat to career?

Family Life in Norway

The German newspaper Spiegel Online picks some information of the latest survey of the German Family Ministry and highlighted that about 40 percent of women and 30 percent of men in Germany regret going on parental leave! This is really ... read more

Daila Silina

Develop yourself professionally, but also intellectually and emotionally. ... read more

Bettina Toennesmann

In some situations it would not otherwise have been possible for me to work. ... read more

Asli Cobbers

My line manager gets 100% commitment and security that things get done. ... read more