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International Women’s Day in Russia – a Day of Spring and Inspiration

The development of career opportunities for women is an important part of Diversity strategy at Henkel. Women occupy about 40% of managerial positions in Henkel Russia, and the International Women’s Day is one more occasion to celebrate the contribution of ... read more

It’s all in the Balance

With the Balance Sounding Board successfully introduced within Germany, Integrated Business Solutions (IBS) has established a platform for the development of IBS-employee initiatives on the topic of Work-Life Flexibility. The ensuing concept and the initiatives are now to be rolled ... read more

Austria celebrated the International Diversity Day on June 9, 2015

During the Austrian Henkel Diversity Week, there was an imaginative contribution by Vienna’s Chamber of Commerce to International Diversity Day on June 9, 2015. The Diversity Unit of Vienna’s Chamber of Commerce organized a special event as its contribution to ... read more

Diversity Network Rhine-Ruhr celebrates 3rd German Diversity Day

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Intercultural teams often bring with them a number of problems, including misunderstandings, time-consuming coordination issues and high conflict potential. But cultural diversity also results in numerous benefits. The 3rd German Diversity Day took place yesterday with the aim of overcoming ... read more

New Working Arrangements require Mindset Change

As Corporate Vice President Integrated Business Solutions, Operations & Delivery, Reinhard Maier-Peveling is responsible for around 2,600 employees in six countries. In today’s episode in our series on Work-Life Flexibility, we take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of ... read more

Henkel Korea: “Desirable Working Environment for Women”

Henkel Korea is promoting Work-Life Flexibility (WLF) in order to develop a performance-oriented corporate culture and encourage employees to reach their full potential at work. WLF can be fulfilled in many ways such as home office, mobile office and flexible ... read more

Fostering Young Talents

Access to knowledge and academic success open up great opportunities. This is why Henkel Algeria started to reward children of Henkel employees for an excellent academic performance and outstanding marks. Young talents should be recognized and supported at any age ... read more

Creating a Fairer and more Equal Society

A fairer and more equal society

From 10 December 2014, couples in civil partnerships in England and Wales will be able to convert their partnership into a marriage, concluding an historic process of changing the law to give same sex couples the right to be married. ... read more