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Twitter’s diversity report: white, male and just like the rest of Silicon Valley

[...Twitter became the latest tech giant to release its diversity report this week, and in news that will surprise few who have been paying attention, the geek squad is substantially less diverse that the cast of The Big Bang Theory...] ... read more

The Diversity & Inclusion Organization Chart

[...Over the past 5 years, it seems that the trend is to place diversity and inclusion within talent management, sometimes reporting directly to the chief HR professional and sometimes reporting to the head of talent management. I and others are concerned ... read more

Carlos Slim Helu Pitches 3-Day Workweek

[...One of the world's richest men says instead of the current model of a 40-hour workweek and retirement in the 60s, the world should adopt a system of working later in life with more time off...] ... read more

Why Companies Should Focus On Working Parents, Not Just Moms

[...Working parents are like plate spinners at a carnival: They juggle their children’s school schedules and activities while balancing their own work deadlines, attending conferences, and sneaking in the occasional shower...] ... read more

DC Comics’ Diversity Crisis: Why the Status Quo Rules

[...Despite what the knuckle-draggers in comment sections would have you think, America is beginning to care about diversity in comic books. Look at the media explosion which erupted this week when Marvel Comics announced that both Captain America and Thor ... read more

‘Diversity is our task’

Markus Dressel, Henkel Japan’s Human Resources Director, has participated in a Japanese-German symposium, because Diversity is one of the key success factors in business today. He has also presented Henkel’s initiatives to further promote Gender Diversity. The symposium “Encouraging Placement ... read more

How Real Is Work-Life Balance?

[...Work-life balance is certainly something we all strive for, but when you're first starting out it's a complete myth. There were (and still are) dinners happening while I'm on the phone taking care of work things. I'm blessed to have ... read more

Nordstrom Ads feature Models with Disabilities

[...It's not easy to find models with disabilities in ads for the fashion and beauty industry — unless you look in the Nordstrom catalog. The company has been using models with disabilities since 1997 and continues the tradition in its annual ... read more