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Top CEOs pressure suppliers on diversity

[... A group of male Australian business leaders including executives from top ASX-listed companies is putting pressure on suppliers to enact gender diversity policies. ...] ... read more

Does a lack of diversity among business leaders hinder innovation?

[... The vast majority of companies fail to realise their full innovative potential. Either executives fail to see value in ideas from people unlike themselves, or they fail to create the kind of culture in which ideas with the power ... read more

Video: “The revolution at work: diversity in companies within Europe” by Michael Stuber

In Europe, corporate diversity is neither a fact nor a new subject. The revolution is underway and it is not going to stop. After some ten years of experience, we can now take stock of the main points of progress. ... read more

Employers must do more than “tolerate” LGBT workers

Shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper has called on UK employers, parliament and political parties to do more to celebrate diversity and not merely “tolerate” lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender (LGBT) staff. [“Diversity doesn’t just mean having people who fit a ... read more

‘Inclusion’ strategy brings new outlook on diversity in workplace

There are alternative strategies fostering a new approach to diversity in the workplace. Inclusion training, not to be confused with the term “diversity,” is one response to the need for an inclusive work environment that benefits employee and employer. ... read more

Why Diversity Alone Doesn’t Grow a Business

Measurable benefits to business growth don’t occur simply by hiring a certain number of women or a certain number of employees of color. ... read more

The image of Germany – a continuous process of change

When a former minister of foreign affairs hands over a prestigious media award in the category of lifetime achievement to a comedian … yes, then you are in Germany (and not, as you might have thought, in the UK). ... read more

When James Becomes Janice: What Not to Ask a Transgender Friend

Every other Tuesday, Steven Petrow, the author of “Steven Petrow’s Complete Gay & Lesbian Manners,” (Workman, 2011), addresses questions about gay and straight etiquette for a boomer-age audience. ... read more