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Tag: female career

Anne Derbes

Do everything with passion, and the whole family will buy-in. Rest is logistics and planning. ... read more

Daila Silina

Develop yourself professionally, but also intellectually and emotionally. ... read more

Asli Cobbers

My line manager gets 100% commitment and security that things get done. ... read more

Rabab Zaki

Be proud of yourself, and if at any point in time you feel lost and tired, just list the good things you do throughout your day, the roles you’ve played and the value you’re adding to the world, I’m sure this will make your heart smile. ... read more

Manel Kechida

Live your life to the full, enjoy every moment in your life and your work and you will be full of energy to move forward and to realize what you aim for. ... read more

Amanda Mogosetsi

Persevere, persist and never give up irrespective of the challenges you come across in life and in the workplace. ... read more

Hela Sellami

Think and wish BIG, trust yourself… for sure then you will make it even bigger! ... read more

Susan O’Neill

“I possibly would have had to consider a change in employment if I had not been able to have this flexibility returning to work after the birth of my children.” ... read more