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Why American Moms Are ‘Maxed Out’ and ‘On the Brink’

[... Nothing that I read about motherhood, balance, and identity reflected this emotional experience of trying to meet the demands of parenthood, work, marriage, and everyday life. Then I read Maxed Out: American Moms on the Brink. ...] ... read more

China’s women professionals challenge workplace inequality

[... In 2009, the Centre for Women's Law and Legal Services at Peking University surveyed 3,000 women over a year and found that one in four women were denied a job due to their sex. 25 of those surveyed said they were ... read more

Are companies forgetting the real reasons for promoting women?

[... Over the Summer, the media has been saturated with stories about the under-representation of women in all walks of life. The extraordinary focus on 'women's rights' is to be saluted. These issues deserve attention and it's great that more and ... read more

German women leaders open Frankfurt Stock Exchange

photo frankfurt group resized

(Frankfurt, September 30, 2013) – Fifty women board directors and executives opened the Deutsche Börse in Frankfurt on September 30 to salute German women’s contributions to the country’s economy and commitment to increasing women’s access to corporate leadership. Brought together ... read more

How One Business Plan Competition Helps Break The Glass Ceiling

[... Having role models is the basis for educating, motivating and inspiring more women to become entrepreneurs. Now a business plan competition is offering women the opportunity to become role models. Why focus on women? Want jobs? Economic stimulus? Then nurture women ... read more

Why Are LinkedIn’s ‘Influencers’ Mostly Men?

[... Turns out, all but one of the LinkedIn influencers recommended to her were men. And her one influencer that is a woman -- Martha Stewart -- built her career around excelling in traditionally female realms, such as cooking and ... read more

3 tips to surpass traditional gender clichés

businesswoman worries about bad business

Career advancement is a passionate challenge for most professionals. For women, however, it can also mean defiance. Gender discrimination in the workplace is related to deeply rooted social mores. While traditional feminine attributes include caring or affection, masculine behaviors have ... read more

‘Bonkers’ employers don’t realise that older people make great employees

[... Older workers bring benefits such as calm, experience, reliability and loyalty, and act as mentors to younger workers. As the baby-boom generation drains the public purse in pension and healthcare costs, the need to engage this age group in employment, ... read more