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The Conversation No One Wants To Have: Gender Stereotyping

[…Catherine Ashcraft, Ph.D., senior research scientist at the National Center for Women & Information Technology at the University of Colorado, said that gender biases remain a topic of discussion because they are so deeply entrenched in society. “They are unconscious, ... read more

Diversity and Inclusion on Women’s Day in Henkel Norden


Diversity and inclusion are important topics at Henkel. This week, Women’s Day gave us an extra opportunity to highlight these values at an event with the theme “Make it Happen” in Alvik. Diversity – good but we can do more ... read more

Aligning Aspirations

[…”I was Gen Y to my grandfather,” said Chandrasekhar of Dr. Reddy’s Labs, who wanted to go beyond the description of a Gen X or Y. The real point, he said, “is that people evolve almost every five years… I ... read more

International Women’s Day – Not Just A Day For Women

[…This can only be a good thing. At the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, we know that the biggest changes happen when people work together. Our efforts to empower women entrepreneurs in developing and emerging markets have supported over 100,000 ... read more

EU wants more Women in Senior Management

The Local Leadership Forum, hosted by Henkel. From left to right: organizer Evelyn Kalcher (LadiesJobs), the two Henkel managers Olga Knyazeva and Martina Steinberger-Voracek, and workshop participants.

The proportion of female executives in the EU continues to lag far behind that of their male counterparts. Compared to other EU countries, Austria ranks in the bottom third with roughly 30 per cent of management functions being performed by ... read more

Why are our Daughters still trapped by Sexist Stereotypes?

[My generation of American women stands accused of “wanting to have it all”. As the story goes, we foolishly went into the workforce without making childcare provisions, thinking the whole way that we were superwomen who could handle anything…] ... read more

Diversity in Education is a Plus for All

Girlsday at Henkel

The Diversity Charter, which Henkel is a member company of, has announced an initiative to make recruitment processes free from stereotypes and bias. In an interview Henkel’s Head of Vocational Training, Loert de Riese–Meyer talks about diversity in the Henkel apprenticeship ... read more

5 Things Women could not do in the 1960s

[…Can you imagine pregnancy being a fireable offense? How about job security hinging on your weight or the softness of your hands? What if you couldn’t open a bank account or establish a line of credit unless you had a ... read more

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