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Twitter’s diversity report: white, male and just like the rest of Silicon Valley

[...Twitter became the latest tech giant to release its diversity report this week, and in news that will surprise few who have been paying attention, the geek squad is substantially less diverse that the cast of The Big Bang Theory...] ... read more

DC Comics’ Diversity Crisis: Why the Status Quo Rules

[...Despite what the knuckle-draggers in comment sections would have you think, America is beginning to care about diversity in comic books. Look at the media explosion which erupted this week when Marvel Comics announced that both Captain America and Thor ... read more

‘Diversity is our task’

Markus Dressel, Henkel Japan’s Human Resources Director, has participated in a Japanese-German symposium, because Diversity is one of the key success factors in business today. He has also presented Henkel’s initiatives to further promote Gender Diversity. The symposium “Encouraging Placement ... read more

Women and Money: How to get the Confidence to get over the Financial Cringe

[...Money – it's not an easy topic of conversation. Talking about our salaries and finances can feel awkward in a social context, and extremely uncomfortable in the workplace. In fact, it can even feel a bit rude to ask questions ... read more

Childcare Costs huge Stumbling Block for Women re-entering Workforce

[...Addressing the soaring cost of childcare would be a more effective way of boosting female workforce participation than the paid parental leave scheme, according to a study which found low-income mothers face major barriers to re-entering the workplace...] ... read more

You Can’t Have It All: 40% Of Women Professionals Are ‘Hanging On By A Thread’

[...In the new study, Dalla-Camina surveyed 1,000 American women professionals about their well-being. The results: While women are making great progress on the career front, 70% believe the concept of success at both home and work is a myth. For ... read more

Diversity Makes You Smarter

[...Diversity, in other words, nudges you out of your comfort zone in a good way. It provokes different sorts of discussions and debates and makes it easier to resist the worst consequences of groupthink. Even if diversity is a tough ... read more

Henkel’s Global Diversity & Inclusion Campaign: It’s all about you !

Diversity is in your hands

On June 2nd 2014, Henkel launched its first global Diversity and Inclusion campaign to foster the awareness and understanding of Diversity and Inclusion among all its employees. Henkel employs diverse people from more than 120 countries. Our Diversity brings us together ... read more