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Aligning Aspirations

[…”I was Gen Y to my grandfather,” said Chandrasekhar of Dr. Reddy’s Labs, who wanted to go beyond the description of a Gen X or Y. The real point, he said, “is that people evolve almost every five years… I ... read more

What Millennials Want from Work, Charted Across the World

[…As more Millennials assume leadership positions around the world, organizations are becoming increasingly concerned with how to ensure their success. However, most existing research on those born between the early ‘80s and late ‘90s is skewed toward understanding what a ... read more

Flexible Working: Why do We treat it as a Women-Only Issue?

[… It’s been two months since all UK employees gained the right to request flexible working. We talk to Tracey Eker, the founder of, the only job board in the UK that caters to candidates wishing to find full- ... read more

Generation Y – Why should employers care?

A group of Millenieals is working on a Tablet PC

Generation Y are people born between 1982 and 1997. They are also frequently known as the Echo Boomers, the Millennial, the Net Generation, or the Next Generation. Gen Y have been brought up during a time when technology has played ... read more

When youngsters and seniors form a team

jung und alt

When young and senior employees are working together in a team, most managers would suspect a lower efficiency and a higher risk of conflicts. The “Rheinische Post” has now published an article that describes a different picture. The international bank ... read more

Generational Engagement: an intra-generational Task

Business Meeting

Age diversity is a constantly evolving dimension with changing implications. Currently, many companies are still struggling to smoothly integrate various generations into the same workplace. We have already discussed the daily challenges posed by generational cohabitation (see article Generational culture ... read more

How technology can help bridge the generational gap in the UK’s workforce

[…As older colleagues are postponing retirement plans and intend to work for longer, the younger generation of workers see this as a direct threat on their career progression. Many organisations are starting to realise that long term business strategies need ... read more

The Boomer-Millennial Workplace Clash: Is it Real?

[….Yes, each generation brings its own mental map to the workplace, but it is the job of a manager to understand this, develop what I call “generational intelligence,” and create a plan of action to instill into Millennial employees a ... read more