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Generation Y – Why should employers care?

A group of Millenieals is working on a Tablet PC

Generation Y are people born between 1982 and 1997. They are also frequently known as the Echo Boomers, the Millennial, the Net Generation, or the Next Generation. Gen Y have been brought up during a time when technology has played ... read more

When youngsters and seniors form a team

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When young and senior employees are working together in a team, most managers would suspect a lower efficiency and a higher risk of conflicts. The “Rheinische Post” has now published an article that describes a different picture. The international bank ... read more

Generational Engagement: an intra-generational Task

Business Meeting

Age diversity is a constantly evolving dimension with changing implications. Currently, many companies are still struggling to smoothly integrate various generations into the same workplace. We have already discussed the daily challenges posed by generational cohabitation (see article Generational culture ... read more

Generation Z – What is this about?

Companies are still struggling a bit to understand the generation Y and now already the next generation is knocking at the door, as customers as well as future employees! So, who are they? What is there mentality? What do we ... read more

Skill crisis instead of war for talents

Education to

The McKinsey Center for Government has published the report ‘Education to Employment: Designing a System that Works’ and states the paradox, that while 75 million young people globally are unemployed, companies complain about the war for talents (only 43% of ... read more

‘Please like me!’ Feedback Generation Y

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One thing the Gen Y’s, the new generation of work, request is feedback. But are they prepared to receive open feedback? ... read more

The changed values of a new generation

Millennials, Generation Y is entering the labor market

Facing the ‘war of talents’ businesses should be aware of applicants and future employees with other motives than money – because money isn’t everything! ... read more

Working Model of the Future

The younger generation, the GenY’s or so called digital natives, has different expectations and attitudes regarding their careers. This is what companies had and have to learn. They want to work mobile and digitally cross-linked, because they are used to ... read more