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Henkel Employees in Action with the MIT Initiative

The tenth MIT photo competition showcases the best photos from the volunteering employees of Henkel employees and retirees through the ‘Make an Impact on Tomorrow’ (MIT) initiative. In the competition, Henkel employees voted for their favorite employee-submitted photos. Each one ... read more

ATTRACTive for young talents

Recently 46 students from WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management had the unique opportunity to make first hand experiences at Henkel by getting acquainted with the purchasing department. They received a comprehensive overview of the department’s global structure. Furthermore, ... read more

Henkel Norden celebrates Diversity Week 2015: “Your Brand and Your Story”

How do personal values define personal brands? How can stories strengthen brands – for both companies and individuals? During Diversity Week 2015, Alvik office invited Nordic employees to an interactive workshop and presentation on these topics. During our Women’s day ... read more

Henkel Diversity Weeks 2015: Drive for Greater Diversity

Focusing on the motto Wir leben Vielfalt! – We’re living diversity!, Diversity Week 2015 kicked off with a host of different activities for employees. David Winkelmann (left) and Dennis Denuel (right) were among those who took part.

At Henkel’s Headquarters in Düsseldorf, the German Diversity Week took place from June 8 – 12th, 2015 in order to celebrate diversity and get engaged in the Topic with lots of events and activities. In the two biggest canteens at the Düsseldorf ... read more

Employee Networks at Henkel: Living and Breathing Diversity


How would you like to meet new co-workers with the same interests as you but with whom you don’t work directly? Within the German Diversity Week, the D&I team introduced employees to a host of Networks in June 2015. People from more than ... read more

Henkel Hungary’s President among most influential Women


Ágnes Fábián, President of Henkel Hungary, was chosen as the third most influential woman in the business sphere by the prestigious Hungarian Forbes magazine. The mother of two children has been recognized for her outstanding leadership activities and exemplary work. ... read more

Shedding old Ways – opening up new Perspectives

Our everyday life is affected by a range of influences that can make even the simplest decisions more complicated. Although we appreciate the value of diversity, by force of habit we often go with the familiar. Our diversity at Henkel ... read more

A children’s book about Henkel: A Gift for your Child that’s all in a good Cause

A visit to Henkel – Henkel’s children’s book is also available in English.

Mom, Dad … What exactly is Henkel, who invented it and what sort of people work there? Answers to these questions can be found in a colorful new children’s book produced by Henkel and now available to Henkel employees in ... read more