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Henkel D&I Campaign in Korea

“Participation is key for Inclusion!”     Asia/Pacific, Henkel Korea participated in the Global Diversity & Inclusion Campaign In June 2014 Henkel conducted a global Diversity & Inclusion Campaign where all regions of Henkel participated. One week before the campaign startet, teaser emails ... read more

Rocky Hill and Bridgewater host activities for “Take Your Child to Work Day”

child work

On April 24, employees’ children got a first-hand look at their parents’ jobs on Take Your Children to Work Day in Rocky Hill, Conn. and Bridgewater, NJ. The kids traded their school books for lab coats and safety glasses as ... read more

Henkel Team supports Special Olympics in Düsseldorf


Initiated in 1968 by the sister of former US president John F. Kennedy, the Special Olympics have grown to be one of the biggest sports events for mentally and multiply disabled people. This year, nearly 5.000 German athletes will participate ... read more

Diversity Day at Henkel in Bridgewater


A Diversity Awareness Day was held in November 2012 at the Henkel site in Bridgewater, New Jersey. An interesting mixture of international food, colorful displays and artistic performances represented the diverse cultural mix of different nationalities. Employees from each region, Europe, ... read more

Henkel Home Office Program in Brazil

Noted date in the daily log

Committed with the strong focus Henkel has been giving to Flexible Working Conditions and Quality of Life, the Business Executive Committee of the Mercosur region approved a new Home Office Program in Brazil. Since September 2012, each eligible individual can agree ... read more

Monica Sun: My passion about diversity

Shanghai Headquarters

Monica Sun, President of Henkel Singapore and Malaysia, has been recognized as one of the influential leaders in the Singaporebusiness community. Read why she is passionate about Diversity & Inclusion. ... read more

Goodbye Shanghai

Sonja Karthaus

As my time as an intern at Henkel Shanghai is coming to an end it is time for drawing a conclusion: What have I learned? What are the most important experiences in this country and in this business culture? And ... read more

Henkel inspires students from Egypt

Egyptian students thrilled by their visit to Henkel

About 40 high school Egyptian students have paid a visit to the Henkel headquarters in Düsseldorf. The students, who range between the ages of 17-19, are Egypt’s best students drawn from all areas of the country. ... read more