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Reaching goals while staying flexible

KM_Charta of Flexibility

The 8th of March was world women’s day – for the 103rd time already! This seems like a good opportunity to push the discussion on the topic of “women in leadership” – and to revise where we stand right now. ... read more

Daila Silina

Develop yourself professionally, but also intellectually and emotionally. ... read more

Flexible working – Not only for women!

Father and Son

We are living in an emancipated, open and difference-accepting world – with a high demand of skilled workers in many countries. Thus companies are creating framework conditions to attract and retain talents as well as to make the reconciliation of ... read more

Henkel Home Office Program in Brazil

Noted date in the daily log

Committed with the strong focus Henkel has been giving to Flexible Working Conditions and Quality of Life, the Business Executive Committee of the Mercosur region approved a new Home Office Program in Brazil. Since September 2012, each eligible individual can agree ... read more

João Alves de Lima Junior

Reducing the stress of commuting has increased my productivity. ... read more

Pascal Houdayer

What drives my energy is family, friendship, sports and work. ... read more

Sonja Knautz

“Focus on the important aspects instead of trying to be perfect in all details.” ... read more

Nicole Kraft

Tell people what you want – don’t expect others to read your mind. ... read more