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Germany pushes jobs for the disabled

[... Germany is investing in work for people with disabilities. The Ministry  of Labour has recently launched a scheme – Inklusionsinitative für Ausbildung und Beschäftigung – to help people with disabilities enter the jobs market....] ... read more

Generation gap: How to manage employees older than you

[... When it comes to leading employees who are older, Megow has three rules to live by: 1. Be respectful of the age difference; 2. Find ways older employees can contribute their extra experience and wisdom to the team; 3. If issues do ... read more

Henkel Diversity Book goes on its Journey around the World

PH_Buch_Eintrag K. Rorsted_14_06_2013_078_223

During the preparations for the Global Diversity Weeks, the idea to send a blank book on travel around the “Henkel World” was born. The first entry was written by Henkel’s CEO, Kasper Rorsted personally.   Now the book has started ... read more

“Experiencing Diversity”: Disability Course at Henkel Düsseldorf


“Experiencing Diversity” – that’s the motto of the first Henkel Global Diversity Weeks (Internal Link) celebrated with global initiatives from May 21 to June 11, 2013. On May 23, a disability course took place in the Fritz-Henkel-House in Düsseldorf where Henkel employees ... read more

Exelon’s Diversity Strategy

The energy provider’s diversity infrastructure is sound, but the function’s attitude makes its strategy work. […But what makes Exelon’s diversity strategy tick is the attitude and end goal of its primary leader. To Murray, diversity and inclusion at Exelon should ... read more

‘Inclusion’ strategy brings new outlook on diversity in workplace

There are alternative strategies fostering a new approach to diversity in the workplace. Inclusion training, not to be confused with the term “diversity,” is one response to the need for an inclusive work environment that benefits employee and employer. ... read more

Why Most Corporate Diversity Programs Are Wrong-headed

The goal of most corporate diversity programs is simple: to increase the percentages of certain minorities in the overall employee pool to mirror the country as a whole. ... read more

Why Diversity Alone Doesn’t Grow a Business

Measurable benefits to business growth don’t occur simply by hiring a certain number of women or a certain number of employees of color. ... read more