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Henkel works with extraordinary IT consultants

The IT consulting firm auticon employs the extraordinary skills of people with autism.

Integrated Business Solutions (IBS) is more than willing to widen its horizon. Its cooperation with the IT consultancy auticon, which exclusively employs people in the autism spectrum, offers a perfect example of its commitment to inclusion. Because diversity not only ... read more

Fostering Young Talents

Access to knowledge and academic success open up great opportunities. This is why Henkel Algeria started to reward children of Henkel employees for an excellent academic performance and outstanding marks. Young talents should be recognized and supported at any age ... read more

Creating a Fairer and more Equal Society

A fairer and more equal society

From 10 December 2014, couples in civil partnerships in England and Wales will be able to convert their partnership into a marriage, concluding an historic process of changing the law to give same sex couples the right to be married. ... read more

Henkel Forscherwelt goes International

What is glue made of? And what are the ingredients of detergents? These are just two of the many questions investigated by curious elementary school children in Henkel’s Forscherwelt (“Researchers’ World”). Since its launch in 2011, the education project has ... read more

Inclusion Campaign and German Diversity Week at Henkel – 2014

From June 23rd to 27th 2014 Henkel celebrated its second German Diversity Week under the umbrella of the global Inclusion Campaign that took place in June. The aim of the campaign was to raise the awareness for Diversity & Inclusion ... read more

Make-a-wish with Purex

make a wish

Through Purex’s “Bright Washes, Bright Wishes” campaign, the brand was able to make the dreams of Jesus’ Make-A-Wish come true. Ten-year-old Jesus Avila suffers from cystic fibrosis and dreams of traveling to Washington D.C. to expand on his passion for ... read more

The Equality Plan of Henkel Ibérica as part of the commitment to Diversity & Inclusion


In 2010 Henkel received the certificate for “Igualdad en la Empresa” (“Equality within the company”) by the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality for its measures concerning the equality between men and women in the workplace. The commitment was ... read more

‘Diversity is our task’

Markus Dressel, Henkel Japan’s Human Resources Director, has participated in a Japanese-German symposium, because Diversity is one of the key success factors in business today. He has also presented Henkel’s initiatives to further promote Gender Diversity. The symposium “Encouraging Placement ... read more