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Dream Team instead of Quota: Why companies cannot afford to do without modern Diversity & Inclusion concepts. Dreamteam statt Quote- Warum Firmen heute nicht mehr an einem modernen Diversity Management vorbeikommen.

Dreamteam statt Quote-  Warum Firmen heute nicht mehr an einem modernen Diversity Management vorbeikommen.  Die Unternehmensberatung Roland Berger weist in einer Studie nach, dass eine verbesserte Mitarbeiterbindung durch Vielfalts- und Einbeziehungsmanagement (Diversity & Inclusion) rund 21 Mrd. Euro an Einsparungen ... read more

Employees in times of demographic shifts (2) – Part-time workers / Mitarbeiter in Zeiten demographischen Wandels – Teilzeitarbeit

A recently published study of McKinsey Germany: Wettbewerbsfaktor Fachkräfte – Strategien für Deutschlands Unternehmen  – reports that German companies will miss up to 5 million skilled employees.  While better unleashing the potential of the generation 50+ workers contributes 1,2 million ... read more

Third WoMen’s Networking Day at Henkel / Dritter WoMen’s Networking Day bei Henkel

On April 5, 2011 Henkel’s female networking group “Women in Leadership” invited to their third WoMen’s Networking Day at Henkel’s headquarters in Düsseldorf. Special about this year’s event was that for the first time our male leaders were invited to ... read more

Powerwomen in Dialogue / Starke Frauen im Gespräch

The starting event of our internal women’s network at Henkel “Women in Leadership” (WiL) in 2011 was the high-light-event at the same time: the round-table discussion with Simone Bagel-Trah our chairwoman of the shareholder committee and of the supervisory board ... read more

Is it all just symbolic politics? / Alles symbolische Politik?

As compared to international standards German DAX companies only show a minor share of women in top positions. Thus, there were intensive public discussions if this low female quota could be judged as discrimination of women. There can be registered ... read more

A Call For More Women in the Boardroom [UK]

Current statistics show that women make up only 12.2% of directors of FTSE 100 companies, and only 7.3% of FTSE 250 companies. No wonder therefore that the UK government has decided to take action. In September 2010 Lord Davies of ... read more

Ready, Steady – Stagnation?! / Auf die Plätze, fertig – Stillstand?!

A matter of common knowledge: more women earning better school and university degrees within a shorter time. It is also known that this superiority of women disappears by the time of entering into professional life. A Catalyst study conducted in ... read more

Family Circle / Im Kreise der Familie

Same procedure as every year… when Christmas approaches, usually the entire family gathers around the Christmas tree. Christmas time is the season to realize and reflect the importance of our families. This has always been the same and will stay ... read more

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