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Tag: Laundry & Home Care

Pascal Houdayer

What drives my energy is family, friendship, sports and work. ... read more

Manel Kechida

Live your life to the full, enjoy every moment in your life and your work and you will be full of energy to move forward and to realize what you aim for. ... read more

Zehavit Mandelman

If a woman has a professional dream, she should not give it up. ... read more

Lianne Boeljon-Kaat

People have to take on responsibilities to make it happen. ... read more

Mary Valsama

I consider diversity an asset and advantage for a company, as it includes diverse knowledge, capabilities and resources, which contribute to achieving our targets better and more efficiently. ... read more

Núria Ribé

Be honest with yourself and know what you really want. Have a good partner to share family responsibilities, not delegate but share. Everything is about organization/planning and willingness. ... read more

Marleen van der Maarel

Henkel has given me the opportunity to try and learn from different positions within different divisions, countries and business units. ... read more