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Family Circle / Im Kreise der Familie

Same procedure as every year… when Christmas approaches, usually the entire family gathers around the Christmas tree. Christmas time is the season to realize and reflect the importance of our families. This has always been the same and will stay ... read more

„Too White, too German and too Male“ / „Zu weiß, zu deutsch, zu männlich“

“Too white, too German, too male”  This was Siemens’ CEO Peter Loescher’s statement in 2007 when talking about the top management of German companies as the newspaper “Die Welt” reported lately. For him there was only one logical consequence: Diversity has ... read more

The ideal mother: successful, relaxed, caring and attractive / Die ideale Mutter: erfolgreich, relaxt, fürsorglich und attraktiv

Last week the study “Having babies in Germany” commissioned by Milupa was published. For this study about 1000 young women have been interviewed, amongst them mothers, pregnant women and also women without children.  Results showed that young women feel the pressure ... read more

Deutsche Telekom introduced Women’s Quota: an interim conclusion / Frauenquote bei der Telekom: Eine Zwischenbilanz

Six months ago the Deutsche Telekom introduced a women’s quota. By the end of 2015 thirty percent of percent of upper and middle management positions in the company are to be filled by women. The company has five more years ... read more

The Part-time Managers / Die Teilzeit-Manager

Is it possible to work part time and still have a career? Until now, the answer would was mostly No. A study conducted by the University Essen-Duisburg asked Human Resource Managers of large companies, whether a part-time career is possible. ... read more

Depression the top career killer? / Depressionen als Karrierekiller?

The US National Alliance on Mental Illness reports about women, who are two to three times more likely to experience depression than men. Depression could also be an additional reason for the gender gap. About 5 million working women in ... read more

Salary report by the magazine Wirtschaftswoche and Personalmarkt Services / Gehaltstest der Wirtschaftswoche und der Vergütungsberatung Personalmarkt

 The magazine Wirtschaftswoche and Personalmarkt Services compared the salaries of 470 careers and positions. The results are mainly negative. The salaries of top-managers increase while those of university graduates constantly decrease. The gap between women and men still exists and ... read more

Telekom introduces Women’s Quota / Telekom führt Frauenquote ein

The first Dax-Company in Germany introduces a women’s quota of 30 % for women in leading positions until 2016. That means to double the rate of female manager’s share for Deutsche Telekom. To establish a quota is a way to ... read more