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Tag: maternity leave

70% of Women fear taking a Career Break

[…The survey was conducted at the recent Women in Business conference and sent to the business school’s Strategy Review mailing list. Over 2000 women responded to the survey and it also revealed that nearly half of those questioned expected to ... read more

Karren Brady: ‘Childcare is biggest barrier to women in workplace’

[… “Childcare is the biggest barrier for women in the workplace because if you don’t have high quality affordable childcare, you are not going to leave your children to go to work. …] ... read more

Keeping a Foot in the Office Door Can Ease Mothers’ Anxiety

[… In her practice as a divorce lawyer, Margy Klaw sees many highly educated, middle-aged women who wish they hadn’t left full-time work after having children. Faced with the prospect of failed marriages, she said, they are terrified that they ... read more

Do small businesses have the edge on maternity leave?

[.. Of 1,000 returning new mothers surveyed by OnePoll this summer, over half thought the attitudes of colleagues and bosses towards them changed once they had announced their pregnancy, and almost a third felt they were not well treated by ... read more

Would you return to a career after a 10-year break?

[… Trends suggest that the premium on experience and the willingness to work is high; so it is no longer career suicide for women to take a backseat for a few years to nurture their families and get a second ... read more

Post maternity leave discrimination: a persisting reality?

Mutter mit Kind

A recent study by the legal firm Slater & Gordon suggests that many working mothers in the UK face discrimination because of their personal circumstance. In fact, one in four mums who have returned to work believe they have been ... read more

Has the State of Working Mothers Evolved?

[… While governments in countries like Germany and Sweden seem to be making it easier for mothers to balance work and family, thanks to mandated maternity leave that protects a woman’s job for up to a year, U.S. employers don’t ... read more

In Germany, fathers take parental leave more often, even though for a short period of time


More than a quarter of all fathers take parental leave by now in Germany. However, the vast majority stays at home with their children for just about two months. The number of fathers who make use of the state’s parental ... read more