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Post maternity leave discrimination: a persisting reality?

Mutter mit Kind

A recent study by the legal firm Slater & Gordon suggests that many working mothers in the UK face discrimination because of their personal circumstance. In fact, one in four mums who have returned to work believe they have been ... read more

In Germany, fathers take parental leave more often, even though for a short period of time


More than a quarter of all fathers take parental leave by now in Germany. However, the vast majority stays at home with their children for just about two months. The number of fathers who make use of the state’s parental ... read more

Does making career mean being a “Rabenmutter”!?

In Germany, mothers who don’t stay at home but decide to strive for a career are called “Rabenmütter” (bad mothers). This is definitely a specific problem in Germany as for example American working mothers don’t seem to have any problems ... read more

New Work-Life-Balance opportunities at Henkel in Mexico

As for March 1st  Henkel employees in Mexico will be able to have more options to balance their energy between work and private life. Recognizing that life cycle has different demands regarding time management. Henkel in Mexico has launched four ... read more