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Nicole Kraft

Tell people what you want – don’t expect others to read your mind. ... read more

Zuzana Schütz-Halkova

“Trust yourself! Strive for excellence when entering a new job but do not expect to be perfect in everything from the very beginning.
It is the new, higher challenges which keep you learning and developing further!” ... read more

Susanne Cornelius

Don’t ever think ‘What if I am no good at this?’ If your superior offers you a position, it is because he or she is convinced that you can make a significant contribution. ... read more

Renata Casaro

Never try to be or behave like a man, resist attempts to push you into this stereotype, even if the environment sometimes works against you. ... read more

Michelle Cheung

Achieving a career does not necessary mean sacrificing family. There can always find a right balance that can fit both sides. Women are just as strong as men. ... read more

Anneliese Wilsch-Irrgang

Bringing projects forward together with a team and also making a diverse team work well together is very rewarding and motivating to me. ... read more