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Parental Leave for Men: Yes, but …. !


The new trend is gratifying, an increasing number of men who are willing to take parental leave and the topic seems to be approached in more and more companies. Sceptical looks of the colleagues are vanishing. According to a survey ... read more

German coalition partners clash on work-life balance

[… Germany’s new Social Democrat (SPD) family minister has angered Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservatives with a proposal to cut the working week for parents of small children to 32 hours while guaranteeing them no cut in pay. But politicians from Merkel’s ... read more

Paternity leave rules for fathers are ‘Edwardian’, says Nick Clegg

[… The Deputy Prime Minister said that fathers should be able to do more of the “heavy lifting” if mothers want to return to work after having a baby. He said that current parental leave rules were “crazy” and that ... read more

Conflicting parental leave for same-sex couples

Women can't have it all

The full integration of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) community is still far from reality in many societies. Some countries directly ban homosexuality while others keep many persons in a legal limbo, this seriously limiting their access to some ... read more

In Germany, fathers take parental leave more often, even though for a short period of time


More than a quarter of all fathers take parental leave by now in Germany. However, the vast majority stays at home with their children for just about two months. The number of fathers who make use of the state’s parental ... read more

Parental leave map

Have a look at this interesting parental leave infographic! ... read more

Parental leave – A threat to career?

Family Life in Norway

The German newspaper Spiegel Online picks some information of the latest survey of the German Family Ministry and highlighted that about 40 percent of women and 30 percent of men in Germany regret going on parental leave! This is really ... read more

Men and their challenges of parental leave

Pic_Men in Parental Leave

The numbers of fathers that take some time off for parental leave is increasing. However, most of them, just stay out for only a couple of weeks or months. ... read more