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‚mothers quota’ – Is this the right way?


Last week Hilke Brockmann, German professor in sociology, started a discussion about a ‘mothers quota’. Regarding to the 45 year old mother of two a quota for mothers in politics and business would lead to a more family-friendly labor organization ... read more

Role model: Norway

Family Life in Norway

What separates Norway from other European countries? ... read more

No need for a quota

Woman at the workplace

The latest survey of Rochus Mummert Management Search shows no need for quotas. ... read more

DLDwomen 2012 – A unique event

On July 11 and 12 the third DLDwomen took place in Munich. ... read more

EU Commission Will Enforce Women’s Quota at EU Level

(c) World Economic Forum

EU Commissioner Viviane Reding is about to impose a women’s quota at European Level. ... read more

The effective promotion of women

Shanghai Headquarters

“How can we promote women?” This question has become indispensable on the agenda of major global corporations. To answer the question, the manager magazine interviewed two of Henkel’s female top manager: Kathrin Menges and Marie-Eve Schröder. ... read more

Including the full spectrum of diversity

New opportunities for disabled Henkel employees in Brazil

Better opportunities for disabled Henkel employees in Brazil. In 2011 the Business Executive Committee Mercosur unanimously approved an investment to adapt the three Henkel plants in Brazil (Jundiaí, Itapevi and Diadema) for the proper access of people with any kind ... read more

Women missing in Davos

Each year, the global elite consisting of prime ministers, bankers, business tycoons and other movers are coming together at the World Economic Forum in Davos. “The World Economic Forum is an independent international organization committed to improving the state of ... read more