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Twitter’s diversity report: white, male and just like the rest of Silicon Valley

[…Twitter became the latest tech giant to release its diversity report this week, and in news that will surprise few who have been paying attention, the geek squad is substantially less diverse that the cast of The Big Bang Theory…] ... read more

Five ways to promote gender diversity

‚mothers quota’ – Is this the right way?


Last week Hilke Brockmann, German professor in sociology, started a discussion about a ‘mothers quota’. Regarding to the 45 year old mother of two a quota for mothers in politics and business would lead to a more family-friendly labor organization ... read more

Glacial progress of women on Canada’s boards prompts calls for reform

When France announced it was creating a quota requiring corporate boards to have 40-per-cent female directors, Guylaine Saucier was an opponent. ... read more

Workplace Diversity: Nine Steps To Increase Diversity Without Offending Your Staff

Diversity in the workplace has become the buzz phrase in business, following the ongoing EU row on whether or not to enforce gender quotas. ... read more

Boardroom equality: binders full of women

Getting a critical mass of women to the top of major companies will change employment culture for everyone. ... read more

Role model: Norway

Family Life in Norway

What separates Norway from other European countries? ... read more

Women Aren’t Held Back By an Ambition Gap. They’re Just Held Back.

Women are half the workforce. They’re more than half of college graduates. They’re even half of middle management. So why aren’t women making it to the tippy top? ... read more