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Engaging Girls in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths

Currently the UK produces 12,000 graduate engineers per year but we require 54,000. Less than 20% of the UK’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) workforce are women, that’s the lowest in Europe. For this reason, Abbot’s Hill Independent Day ... read more

Shaping Futures – The Story of two Brothers

The start of a new life and an own hair salon – with the support of the Schwarzkopf Professional’s social initiative Shaping Futures, the Colombian brothers Duver and Alexis were able to realize their dream and complete a hairdressing education. ... read more

Lived Diversity: How is it… to come from Turkey to Vienna?

The dynamic exchange among people of different cultures supports the creation of innovative ideas – thus the performance in our working environment improves. Cultural diversity in a team is a competitive advantage, but also a challenge. “How is it to ... read more

Role model: Norway

Family Life in Norway

What separates Norway from other European countries? ... read more

Age diversity as an educational model


Most of us are used to classrooms full of pupils at the same age, assuming that peers have approximately the same stage of development. In Switzerland, as well as some other western countries, the educational model of multi-age classes is ... read more

Kerstin Suckau

If it was not possible to work the way I do, I would not have been able to take over this task. ... read more

Katharina Jahrling

Fight for yourself, don’t even try to be perfect, stick to yourself as a women in thinking, feeling and managing. ... read more