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Tag: school

Pascal Houdayer

What drives my energy is family, friendship, sports and work. ... read more

Education: Women benefit more than men!

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According to a study, a high level of education is more profitable for women than for men. ... read more

Dr. Simone Bagel-Trah

Be self-assured, be brave, utilize chances, look for support from others (colleagues, friends, mentors) and – above all – think positive. ... read more

Rogier Koning

For me, it’s balanced when both work and life give me positive energy. ... read more

Amélie Vidal-Simi

Go beyond your own doubts and just do it. ... read more

Veronica Gabriela Vaira

Personally the longing plays the great engine of my life – I fight for what I want to accomplish and then enjoy the benefits. ... read more

Regina Jäger

Dare to talk about your successes. Build a good network in order to keep well informed. Be flexible. ... read more

Núria Ribé

Be honest with yourself and know what you really want. Have a good partner to share family responsibilities, not delegate but share. Everything is about organization/planning and willingness. ... read more