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Tag: school

Pascal Houdayer

What drives my energy is family, friendship, sports and work. ... read more

Education: Women benefit more than men!

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According to a study, a high level of education is more profitable for women than for men. ... read more

Dr. Simone Bagel-Trah

Be self-assured, be brave, utilize chances, look for support from others (colleagues, friends, mentors) and – above all – think positive. ... read more

Rogier Koning

For me, it’s balanced when both work and life give me positive energy. ... read more

Amélie Vidal-Simi

Go beyond your own doubts and just do it. ... read more

Yasemin Metin Schmitz

Do never forget your family in order to climb up the career ladder. Career comes by itself if you can manage to find a balance. ... read more

Veronica Gabriela Vaira

Personally the longing plays the great engine of my life – I fight for what I want to accomplish and then enjoy the benefits. ... read more

Regina Jäger

Dare to talk about your successes. Build a good network in order to keep well informed. Be flexible. ... read more