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Tag: Women in Leadership

Gender diversity at the top in Latin America and how to overcome the persisting gap

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The reasons behind gender imbalance in top management positions are not always perceived in the same way across regions, sectors, and genders. A recent survey on workplace diversity by McKinsey analyzes the perception on the importance of gender diversity in ... read more

German women leaders open Frankfurt Stock Exchange

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(Frankfurt, September 30, 2013) – Fifty women board directors and executives opened the Deutsche Börse in Frankfurt on September 30 to salute German women’s contributions to the country’s economy and commitment to increasing women’s access to corporate leadership. Brought together ... read more

The Paradox Of Playing Nice For Women Leaders

[… How many times have you stopped to reconsider what you wanted to say because you were concerned about how you would be perceived? Research suggests that women get penalized more if they offend others because the expectation of our gender is ... read more

How One Business Plan Competition Helps Break The Glass Ceiling

[… Having role models is the basis for educating, motivating and inspiring more women to become entrepreneurs. Now a business plan competition is offering women the opportunity to become role models. Why focus on women? Want jobs? Economic stimulus? Then nurture women ... read more

Ambitious Women Face More Obstacles than Just Work-Life Balance

[… For the past year and change, the American conversation about women and leadership has revolved around challenges of work-life balance — which most of the time actually means “work-family balance.” But while that is a major obstacle to getting more ... read more

Worrying Hurts Women’s Career Chances: Study

[… Most female executives apparently retreat to analyze their options while their male counterparts charge right ahead and take the bull by the horns, so to speak. The approach that women leaders take is detrimental to their career. “Worriers impede progress, ... read more

Gender diversity on boards

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Gender balance in the workplace is without a doubt one of the most outstanding topics in the area of Diversity & Inclusion. Companies are increasingly realizing that the incorporation of a greater number of women into their business is not ... read more

Can women ‘leaning in’ break the glass ceiling?

[… Debate over the existence of a glass ceiling for women aiming for top leadership positions has been renewed by the publication of Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead, by Sheryl Sandberg, chief operating officer of Facebook, and some ... read more