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Women make a big difference in business and politics

[A recent online survey conducted by the National Association of the Self-Employed revealed that 86 percent of the women business owners questioned plan to vote today…] ... read more

Research: How Female CEOs Actually Get to the Top

(… Ambitious young women hoping to run a major business someday are often advised to take a particular career path…) ... read more

On the way to work with Henkel

On the way to work

On the way to work is a 15th Anniversary of MIT Project which was executed in Poland between October 2013 and June 2014. The Project was designed to help long unemployed women to successfully come back on the job market. ... read more

Reaching goals while staying flexible

KM_Charta of Flexibility

The 8th of March was world women’s day – for the 103rd time already! This seems like a good opportunity to push the discussion on the topic of “women in leadership” – and to revise where we stand right now. ... read more

7 Career Tips from Successful Women

Many companies in the payments industry have strong, influential women as top executives. These women rarely had a clear path ahead of them when they started out. Each woman’s experiences offer valuable — and sometimes  counterintuitive — lessons. ... read more

Wonder Where the Women in Power Are? Look to Silicon Valley

There is a tectonic shift happening and we’re living the future right now here in technologyland. Women are gaining and holding power at a rate we have never seen before and finally they are openly talking about it ... read more

Women and the Web: Why Internet Access Matters

In a majority of western countries, women have a huge web presence, using it, on average, 17% more than men. ... read more

Not buying offensive Super Bowl ads

These television commercials are created to entertain nearly 120 million viewers. It is exactly this reach and influence that should cause us to consider their real-world impacts. ... read more