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Tag: women’s quota

‚mothers quota’ – Is this the right way?


Last week Hilke Brockmann, German professor in sociology, started a discussion about a ‘mothers quota’. Regarding to the 45 year old mother of two a quota for mothers in politics and business would lead to a more family-friendly labor organization ... read more

Somali Women Circle Network urges Somali leaders to respect new Constitution

As SWCN mentioned in previous press releases, the new Constitution of the Federal Republic of Somalia ensured the representation of minimum 30 percent of women to participate in all aspects of the future Somali government. ... read more

Gender diversity: Headhunters get more for hiring women

It’s a trend that augurs well for women in the corporate world. Organizations, in a bid to improve their gender diversity ratio, are pulling out all the stops to recruit female employees, beginning with higher fees for head hunters. ... read more

MONGOLIA: Can New Electoral Law Help Women Enter Parliament?

Of the 544 candidates running for the 76-seat parliament, 174 are women – well above a newly established 20-percent quota. ... read more

How female directors move the market

It is well known that women are under-represented on boards of directors. ... read more

Women’s Quota for Public Service in France

On behalf of the Prime Minister of Sweden, Frederik Reinfeldt, nine European leaders have met on February 9, 2012 as part of the “Northern Futures Forum” to discuss the increase of women in leadership positions. ... read more

Women missing in Davos

Each year, the global elite consisting of prime ministers, bankers, business tycoons and other movers are coming together at the World Economic Forum in Davos. “The World Economic Forum is an independent international organization committed to improving the state of ... read more

Women’s Quota in summer high / Frauenquote im Sommerhoch

Here we go again. As a proven remedy to bridge the summer slump during the summer break of political news, the women’s quota discussion provides the same entertainment factor as it already did at the beginning of the year. But, ... read more